When the Jack Turner had his home designed in Arcata, California, it was clearly designed to be comfortable, to take advantage of the gorgeously treed surroundings, and placed within a quick drive to Humboldt State University, where he was an English professor. 

Jack, or Uncle Jack to my husband and his brother, passed away last November, and our family made the decision that the house built to be his sanctuary would be placed on the market. 

Selling a home from Texas, where we’re all based, isn’t exactly easy. 

Uncle Jack was a traveler, a music lover, and a voracious reader, and all of those things were present throughout the home. Bookshelves groaned with literature and classical music CDs. Artwork collected through his travels punctuated the space. He had lived there since 1987, so there were more than three decades of treasures contained in the beloved abode.

It would need to be cataloged, claimed, and distributed before the professionals could get to work.