Just getting to know the Kozelskys as they are selling their architectural jewel of Dallas real estate for sale down the street from me. Now comes word from Lynette Scruggs they have reduced this the most talked about home in Dallas to $9,750,000 from $11.5. Amy said she was testing the waters, you go girl! Stick your whole foot in! $9.750 mil will still be a record for this ‘hood. The K’s are having a little recognition party (Trailbalzers Event) for the major underwriters for Cattle Barons chez Northaven Thursday eve.

The last unreal sale that ripped this ‘hood when William “Kip” Tindell bought Caroline Minnis’s $ 5.2 millionish sleek contemporary home on Northaven at West Ricks Circle. It’s a honey. Also must tell you that since all the postings on 6645 Northaven, I have been getting more email from the kiddos who grew up with my kiddos and the family who used to live at this address, Peach and Beck Weathers, he of Mount Everest fame.  6645 was also owned by a family named Taylor before the Kozelsky’s purchased the property.