west hollywoodThe site where the Cherokee Studios in West Hollywood sat for years, where some of the most indelible music in history was recorded, looks a lot different from when Ringo Starr induced his former bandmates to come record with him, and where Sinatra and Bowie headed to record. 

And while the building is now a Green LEED Platinum work/live complex known as the Lofts at Cherokee Studios, you can still see where the developers have paid homage to the artists that called the studios their workspace while recording some of the most important albums of their lives. 

Founded in 1972, the studios quickly became the go-to place for artists who wanted the expertise of Joe and Bruce Robb. At its heyday, five studios were in use at the studios at Fairfax Avenue (where the lofts are now), as well as three studios at another location. The first big hit recorded there was Steely Dan’s “Pretzel Logic,” and more hits followed. Cherokee shuttered for good in 2007. (more…)