Minimalist Modern Beach House

Is your beach house style minimalist modern like this cool property? Find out by taking this quiz!

I got minimalist modern, which, considering my love of neutrals and nature-inspired color and design, really makes sense. Organic, full of curves and angles, with a variety of textures in a simple palette sounds so dreamy!

Want to find out what kind of decor your beach house should have? Take this awesome quiz from Coastal Living to find out! I’m guessing that Candy would get New England traditional! Don’t forget to post your results in the comments!


Got your attention now, huh? I kid you not when I tell you how very affordable the homes at Cinnamon Shore are! Look at this darling 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo a short walk from the beach and right in the action of the new Town Center. Only 605 square feet but really, who needs more? (Plus with a condo you avoid all the maintenance of a home.) The finish out is pure beach house charm with the soft water color palette, beadboard walls and granite counters in the kitchen. Pop a comfy sofa bed in the living room and you have plenty of room.  When we were in Port A as they call it, we wanted to eat out every night because the food is fantastic! This unit is on the first floor. Honestly, for $205,900 you don’t have to be in the “One percent” to own a second home at the beach! This one would be a great getaway for us alone or with the kids — or a nice gift to let them use it as a getaway. On the first floor.