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The saying goes “work hard, play hard,” and that’s exactly what Dallas-Fort Worth TV legend and lifestyle blogger Jane McGarry does. Of course, North Texas has gorgeous weather 9 months out of the year, but where do you go if you want amazing skiing and outdoor sports?

“We looked around for the spot in the nation that had the most snow every year and it was Big Sky, Montana, so that’s where we built this cabin in the woods,” McGarry told Second Shelters. “Our hope was that our son, Michael, would get to spend some time in the snow.”

But the true advantage of the property was that it’s not only gorgeous in winter, but this sweet vacation home is on the Gallatin River, where that lovely Brad Pitt drama “A River Runs Through It” was filmed, so it’s downright phenomenal in the summer, too. Her cabin is “just down the road from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park,” McGarry added.

Jane McGarry and Dr. Drew at the Yellowstone Club.

Jane McGarry and Dr. Drew at the Yellowstone Club.

“I wanted a ‘vintage cabin’ — something that felt like one of the original ones, but with the modern conveniences of comfortable bathroom and wi-fi,” she said. “We built around two things: the beautiful view looking down the Gallatin River toward Yellowstone, and the wonderful native Montana stone fireplace. The fireplace gets a lot of use all year round in Montana because even in summer the temperature dips into the 20s in the early mornings.”

Find out more about the cozy, charming second home where McGarry escapes the hustle and bustle of life in North Texas after the jump!


Bloomberg and Forbes are always doing these “most this, most that” lists and this time, they bring us the most expensive blocks in the U.S. — that is, the streets where the wealthiest live. The only Texas block to make the cut was number 7, Houston’s Afton Oaks and River Oaks. Otherwise, it’s Kenilworth, Ill; Chevy Chase Village, MD; Town Center Great Falls, VA; Honolulu HI and Greenwich, Ct.; Alpine, N.J.; Port Royal Naples, FLA, the upper east side of Manhattan and numero uno, Beverly Hills.

The article also mentioned two of the priciest second home communities — Block Island, Rhode Island (pictured, above) and Big Sky, Montana, (pictured, below) the latter because of it’s proximity to the Yellowstone Club and Spanish Peaks. I would add anything in Santa Barbara, San Diego, Sun Valley, the Gulf Coast of Florida’s “Redneck Riviera”, Sea Island, Ga. and Kennebunkport, Maine. Maui. Lanai. Can you add others?