Falling apart house

I WISH I could call it “re-construction”, as I almost did, and I wish I could report that it was just me getting my boob job to start out 2013 on a higher level.

No, it’s better! We are in the process of expanding our site, making it bigger, better, easier to read, click, and. Already we have Facebook comments, and we will be posting a clone of this fun site on CandysDirt.com, making it a one-click stop to read about second and vacation homes. We are going to have more home design and upkeep info, and generally more resources for our beloved, rapidly-growing network of readers and subscribers.

Among the new features making their debut in the January re-launch of CandysDirt.com will be a sleek new homepage providing readers with access to all the real estate scoop and “House Porn” their heart desires, right at their fingertips. We will also have:

– A re-vamped listing of CandysDirt.com-approved builders, since we are so selective about who we approve. Each builder is vetted and personally approved by us before their name crosses our homepage. Note: we hope to do this eventually with second homew builders.

-A comprehensive listing of top-notch neighborhoods and what makes them go tick/tock.

-Access to news and posts covering relocation (Move Me), home décor and staging (Stage Me), as well as outdoor entertaining and landscaping trends (Green Me),

-Easier access to SecondShelters.com where readers can indulge themselves in fabulous second home fantasies and vacation properties. Course, you can always come here as you always have.

– Hip Pockets: in the tight world of Dallas real estate inventory, we are working to bring you listings before they even hit the market or MLS.

So please bear with us. I’ll try to vacuum up the dust as Amy and Kristen hammer and saw, and Jo is in the other room with a dust mop. Meantime, please let us know what you think, like or don’t like about the new site. Tell us what else you’d like to see (or have missed) in case we are missing something. Cheers!

Dear Candy:

My Realtor is not advertising my home properly, I think. She is refusing to put an ad in the local newspaper and magazines showing it off. She tells me this no longer works, but rather has the home listed on her website. How can a consumer know that an agent is doing every thing possible to sell your home in this crazy real estate world?

Dear Skeptic: I brought in the big guns for this one, Secret Agent Man —

Dear Seller,

Let me address a couple of items in your note (and thanks for writing, so great to be back, why this blog is like DallasDirt with a facelift and boob job!) and then I will get on my soapbox. Electronic marketing is the strongest of all trends at the moment and foreseeable future, but it is a double edged sword. If her website URL is BeautifulLuxurybyBettySue.com I am sure 100% of her visitors will see your home, however, if only 8 people are going to her site a month that is a “no bueno”.

Even REALTOR.com, the number one place people go to search for property, shafts the agent and seller on most listings with crazy fees.

Newspaper and magazine advertising is expensive and truly impressive print advertising is usually discouraged using the excuse you wrote above but the agent just does not want to (or cannot afford) to pay for it. They may tell you it is listed every Sunday in the real estate listings but I guarantee following the daily stocks in the paper is easier than finding the small print of your address. The few that do have larger more legible ads featuring only one or two homes are marketing their name(s) and usually glamour photo of themselves. Next time you look at real estate ads, ask yourself are they promoting your home or themselves as an agent / brokerage?

The saddest cases are the first time Realtor, the part time Realtor or the just plan non-savy Realtor. This lot thinks the $100 they spent on a lock box for your front door and the $20 a month sign rental from their office is more than you deserve, not to mention photography and color flyers. I have known Realtors try to get the most inexpensive marketing materials they could on a home with a list price in excess of $4,000,000. It is with regret I call these sellers “being held hostage” by their listing agent. Maybe the agent sold them a bill of good on this is how it is done now, maybe the sellers did not know any better but this Mr. and Ms. Seller is is BULL-COCKY.

You and your Realtor should have a clear goal, talk about who you feel your buyer is and target your buyer. This will make some Realtors uncomfortable or red faced as it is a rarely talked about pre listing item to chew over. Also talk about budget, if the seller wants a certain kind of advertising and it is out of the financial realm of what the Realtor usually pays the buyer can chip in. This will empower you to get the advertising you want and not be at the mercy of the broke Realtors slim to non existent advertising budget.

What does SECRET AGENT see for the future of real estate marketing? Well, I though you would never ask!

It will be high tech, one hundred times better than any virtual tour or agent personal presentation. Outstanding presentation with a single consistent and familiar layout offering the buyer all the information needed. Do I think the MLS will open up more? Absolutely.

PS: If you don’t have a realtor with a QR code on his or her sign, if she tries to have YOU keep the flyer box stuffed, let me find you another agent!