Sean Payton has a home on one of my favorite beaches, Watercolor, near Panama City Beach, Florida. Here’s his yummy house  — I was there, once. Sean is super generous with his beach house and this weekend it was loaded with football celebs who got an impromptu game of “7 on 7” touch football going on the beach that got a lot of buzz and onlookers.

“It got so competitive to where the whole beach was watching,’’ Payton told Saturday. “A highlight for me was my son Connor caught a touchdown pass from Romo. No, he didn’t spike it; he knows better.’’

Fun. ‘Course this leads to more speculation that Payton has such close ties to the Cowboys. In March, he moved to Vaquero. Payton was the Cowboys assistant coach in Dallas from 2003 through 2005, and has only has two years remaining on his contract in New Orleans. Watch for more Dallas Cowboys to be buying beach homes on the Florida Gulf Coast. Tony and Candice, check out Alys Beach!

Saturday is the big day for Candice Crawford and Tony Romo and we wish them all the best. The crazy weather is gone so skies should be matching the bride’s eyes. As  for the home situation, a little birdie tells me Tony still has a couple of Wisconsin buddies living with him — time to hit the road, guys. I also hear that (despite what she told me) Candice may be hoping to move out of Irving and closer in. Now you don’t think, do you, that had anything to do with Troy Aikman’s timing...

Ran into precious Candice Crawford today, that emerald-shaped rock of Gibraltar  flashing on her finger (“Didn’t he do well,” she said, “and all on his own!”), at the Nexus Recovery Center luncheon featuring Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager today at Union Station. (Candice put on the Q&A, her heartthrob Tony came to lunch to see it all.) We couldn’t ask Candice about her wedding plans, and quite frankly, still being starry-eyed from the Texas Royal Wedding of May 7, I was more than happy to oblige. All I wanted was dirt on the house.

“Oh we’re moving into Tony’s home for now,” Candice told me. “But I do plan a little re-decorating, to make it less of a bachelor pad.”

Oh Tony, get ready! I told Candice that I sensed Tony was kind of a practical guy when it came to money matters, which she confirmed. Oh yes, she said. Which is why they plan to be in the Cottonwood Valley home for awhile. She was also super excited to lend her support to the Nexus program —

“We all deal with addiction, somehow, in our own way or in our families” said Candice.

Candice is also impressed with how, at Nexus, women are allowed to bring up to three children right to the Recovery Center over on LaPrada, so there are zero barriers to receiving treatment. (I mean, let’s face it: how can a woman seek treatment if she has no one to care for her children?) They get to stay together as a family in a clean environment. Nexus is one of the few facilities in the US that allows children to remain with their mothers through treatment.

future home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Romo