Strait“I still have my home in San Antone
When I greet my neighbor with a ‘hi y’all’
I’m wealthy as a king upon a throne
You can have your mansion or your cottage small
I’ll just take my home in San Antone”

Or, you know, not. Seems George Strait is putting his San Antonio Santa Fe-style abode on the market — and if you’re looking for plenty of room to roam and some pretty plush living, this estate in The Dominion might just be the luxury property you’re looking for.

How do we know? Well, there’s the 12.2 secluded acres that come with the property at 10 Davenport, the one-of-a-kind design by the late Bill Tull, 14 hand-sculpted fireplaces, stained glass windows, Saguaro cactus rib shutters, custom long leaf yellow pine hardwood floors, and a custom-designed copper bar top, for starters.


By Joanna England

If you’re auction savvy, you know that when it comes to getting the price you want can be a gamble. You’ve got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them …

Those who are eyeing the former estate of country music icon Kenny Rogers will be making bids on the 150-acre property on June 26 in an auction hosted by Grand Estates Auction Company. The resort-like compound, Rogers’ own Lake House, has several living areas and is the perfect spot for a family. The property also includes an equestrian center and three lakes, and tons of hiking trails to roam about.

The estate, which is perfect for those who enjoy spa-like luxury and the outdoorsy type alike, could be a great resort property, too!

Be sure to get your bid in on this perfect second shelter!