The Dallas Morning News reports that thus far, the Dallas Central Appraisal District says property values overall are down about 3.5 percent this year…

“…not as bad a slide as last year and a possible sign that the market may be on the upswing, according to figures released Friday.”

Of course, as property owners come in and protest values, that percentage may decline even more. Which reminds me: I did not receive an appraisal in the mail, which means there has been no change in value on my home. The two appraisals I received on investment properties went up, which I am fighting. I have heard from many people that their values went up. So I wonder, whose went down?

The News also says County Budget Director Ryan Brown is anticipating a 4.5 percent overall drop countywide, which is not as much of a drop as last year BUT would still increase the county’s current $25 million budget shortfall by $4 million. So I guess all of us protesting are squeezing the budget.

The sunny side of this is, of course, a possible signal to stabilization of our market, at least in the Appraisal District’s eyes.