4837 Tremont Open Sun 3 to 5

Hello, my name is Candy Evans, and I am an open-house addict.

FYI this  weekend is National Open House Weekend. Now I hope to make open house info a regular part of my new CandysDirt.com blog when it’s up and running. But truthfully, I’m kind of torn by the whole open house concept. Did you know the National Association of Realtors says that nearly half of all home buyers visit open houses during their home search? With the recent gloomy sales data streaming in, NAR has (wisely) declared this weekend Realtor Nationwide Open House Weekend. Not sure if they declared it a must to have vino and brewskis on hand, too.

More than 300 Realtor associations are participating plus NAR global partners in Canada, Denmark, France, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Of course, Dallas and Tarrant County are in the fray, but I cannot think of a better excuse to get out of town than this.

Personally, as a homeowner, I am not a fan of open houses and if I ever sell my home, I’ll make every gawker wear booties. And a mask. Which is entirely hypocritical because I frequent open houses all. the. time. Like, totally addicted. I go to open houses when I’m out of town and in fact am so addicted to open houses some folks have started calling me Madam, if you get the drift.

Open houses are fun for everyone — more fun with Margaritas, of course — you get to play voyeur, take a peek inside the mansion behind the gates (and maybe under the beds!). They are most fun for agents who, if they are not murdered or robbed, also meet new potential clients.

So what should you be doing this weekend? Check out 4837 Tremont (Hickman + Weber).  Kind of a rarity in Big D, this pup was “born” in 1911 (just like White Rock Lake, SMU and Ebby). It’s also a home with some history, super rare in Dallas where most home’s pedigrees consist of the builder’s name.

And if you need help mapping open houses this weekend, you can always use the new Ebby Open House Tour feature on Ebby.com.