This ranch  sure caught my eye back in January, when I almost whipped out my checkbook to buy it for Valentine’s Day. Now it’s Father’s Day and thankfully, still on the market. Truth be told, the photos on line simply do not do it justice. This is ranch country, baby, Celina. (The town of Celina, here, is adorable, by the way.)

Go way up 289 past Deion Sanders place, a lot quieter these days after the Judges separated them in time out, and you come to Celina, where the roads are almost like Costa Rica. Yes, we got a little detour when we found the FM (that’s Farm to Market Road) was out. Here’s how I knew we were in the country: the road repairman told me to grab a horse to get to the other side!

The home on this range is 6500 square feet and loaded with the details of love. The ranch is almost 58 acres on a hilltop with a terrific view of the pastures and 20 miles north of Celina — hello, I see Oklahoma! You get five bedrooms, four and a half baths, five fireplaces including one splat in front of the master tub, thick antique pine floors everywhere (stone in wet areas) that are heated, great gourmet kitchen with all the stuff, master with sitting area and something that it going on my Greatest Home Wish List: a secret but serious walk-in closet off HER Master bedroom closet — that is, a closet off a closet! Oh, and this home owner also put TWO commodes in the master, which I also think is a must-have. Share your toothbrush, not your potty. As if the downstairs with those formals and that master is not enough, upstairs is a study and a game room that would make a UT fan drool: it’s orange! There’s a fireplace, stocked bar, saferoom, and a shuffleboard game that runs the length of the room which stays with the house. More bedrooms and baths up here and a media room. Outside is a 4-acre stocked lake with a Gazebo entertainment center and fishing pier. There is a five stall equestrian barn with a two bedroom, two bath apartment. And all over the property are magnificent Longhorn. If this isn’t enough dirt for you, 63 additional acres are available. The home is constructied of Austin stone and built like a fortress with a gated entry and long, Crape Myrtle-lined driveway that makes the theme song from Wednesday’s premiere of  “Dallas” play in my mind. Not too far from Dallas, actually, maybe 30 minutes depending on traffic and road conditions. Definitely more on horseback. Me, I’d live up here and get a condo in town because it’s quiet, peaceful, and just a great place to kick back and enjoy the land. Oh. About the land: the price on this puppy has been reduced to $3,395,000. Let me tell you what I’m thinking: folks are going to be developin’ up here, why not buy this now, get you 57 plus acres for less than $4 million, an sit tight until the developers come knocking.


Terrell Owens, or T.O.,  whose 15 year professional football career has been, well, rather interesting — from brilliant scoring and play (and antics) on the field to some rather controversial behavior, is heavily invested in real estate, Dallas real estate. He has not one but two condominiums listed for sale at the venerable Azure near downtown Dallas. Owens now lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is selling a three bedroom, 3559 square foot unit with no less than six garage spaces for $2.25 million, and a smaller, one bedroom unit at $350,000.

Owens was released from his contract by the Cowboys in 2009. He went on to play for the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Both of Owens’s units are in the Azure, which was Dallas’ first LEED certified residential building. He was one of the first celebrity buyers — I think I broke the story! The uber modern glass building is loaded up with the developer, Gabriel Barbier-Mueller’s, private Asian art collection (the lobby is pictured). It was designed by award winning, Vancouver-based architect James Cheng.

Owen’s larger unit is a custom residence on the 20th floor, and comes with those 6-car garage spaces — the “G-2”, word play on the “G-5” private jet favored by many high net worth individuals  — plus two storage spaces. The Azure has the most generous parking of any of the Dallas high rises, actually the most generous parking of any high rise. The home has three outdoor terraces with gas fireplaces and to-die-for downtown Dallas skyline views. The kitchen features a built-in SubZero fridge, Miele gas cooktop, and double ovens. If memory serves all of the Azure units were decked out with Bulthaup kitchens. The master suite features his-her separate bath with a “tea-for-two” bathtub, and closets, a sitting area and a private outdoor terrace with a gas fireplace.

Now that second unit is a one bedroom, one and a half bath, 881 square foot unit with only a one-car garage, a generous terrace, the nine to ten foot ceilings, vast windows, also overlooking Dallas, but on the third floor. I’d say it would be perfect to buy both and let your bodyguard/life coach/personal assistant live in 305.

Oh! Almost forgot! It must be hard for T.O. to leave behind Deion Sanders, who sweetly mediated a little spat between Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Owens. Hall claimed that Owens spit in his face after a play early in the game. Game officials and reporters were unaware of the incident and Owens was not asked about it until his post-game interview when he fessed up, confirmed it. And apologized! (The two made up.) Owens was fined $35,000 for the incident. Sanders’ unit is also for sale at The Azure, unit #3002, listed for $7.5 million but I see the listing appears to be canceled in MLS.

For a look inside the Azure, I found this video shot by Mike Orren, (then) Pegasus News, and just watching it brought back great memories of the good old days in real estate!

Transparency in Real Estate, lesson #1.

Oh boy, I know he meant well, but Deion Sanders, who apparently had a lot of water damage to his Frisco, Texas home last week — a home on the market for $21 million –— posted this on his Twitter account. Of course ALL  home damage has to be divulged to any prospective buyer, but this just kind of really puts it out there.

Let me ask you this, who did not have any trouble with frozen water pipes last week? I built our house so all faucets are on interior walls, but our outdoor shower, which was turned off, has sprung a leak. I heard at Supper Club on Saturday that one friend was in his attic de-frosting their Rinaldi hot water heater. If anything, we can deduce two things I’ll be covering more this week:

-We need to beef up our building standards in Texas to accommodate future cold weather because it seems our climate is changing.

-The Azure condo would have been a much more pleasant place to be during the freeze. Friends who live at The Ritz did not have frozen water pipes or no heat. The Ritz has a back-up generator. They also had ice-free driveways and a warm garage. Hungry? Call Fearings. Folks at The Azure had a short bundled-up walk to The Stoneleigh to sup at Bolla.

Colder it gets in Dallas, the better and brighter condo living looks!