How would you like to dish out more than half a million a month just to pay for and maintain your home? Welcome to the world of Tiger Woods. Word on the pro golf circuit is that Tiger Woods may be hurting for money. That divorce was not cheap, he’s not exactly winning at golf these days, and he’s experienced a drastic drop in advertising income. Even the uber wealthy sometimes need to downsize: does Tiger Woods need to unload his more than fabulous Jupiter Island home? 

Let’s face it: a $54.5 million mortgage, taxes, insurance, security and an endless list of upkeep might make any bachelor think more than twice about downsizing.

(Or keeping his pants zipped.)

But how much would Tiger’s place fetch? After all, he just moved in.

The Florida luxury real estate team of Jeff and Cary Lichtenstein — father and son – have tabulated a cost to carry a home worksheet just for Tiger. The Lichtensteins, who prepare a similar worksheet for all their clients, estimate Tiger’s home sets him back nearly $451,000 a month or $5,419,000 per year.  Holy smokes. In reality his costs are much greater in the short term because they also say Tiger has a 5 year mortgage — he really isn’t into long term commitment, is he? Then there’s real estate taxes, repair and maintenance on not only the home but his private golf course. Golf courses are notoriously expensive to maintain: someone once told me you might as well just burn a thousand dollar bill every week. The Lichtensteins do point out these are rough estimates.  

Tiger’s home is also incredibly difficult to appraise because the architecture is not in keeping with the “Mizner feel” of Jupiter Island, say the experts.  It has a Northern European/IKEA feel. He could always subdivide the property and sell off the house, since it is in the front. But all of this would have to be approved by the town of Jupiter Island.

If Tiger reads this, he may have a heart attack but the Lichtenstein think $10,000,000 is a safe appraisal number. Just ten million? Yup. Tiger may take a hit since he bought and built during the height of the market, spending $35 million on the estate in 2007 and another $15 million developing the main home on the property.

Wonder if he can deduct those losses?

Woods’ property on the barrier island has a tennis court, a fitness room, an oxygen therapy room, a diving pool and lap pool. It also has a pair of boat docks. We have no idea why he has a large master suite with his-and-her bathrooms, since Tiger is divorced, must be for re-sale value. There are three additional bedroom suites. Additions include a 6,400-square-foot gym with media room, as well as an elevator. The home’s also has a large wine cellar and a game room in the basement, or so reports the Herald Sun.

The site includes four other buildings: a boathouse, golf training studio, a stand-alone garage and a guesthouse. As far as square footage, we know it is much larger than when Woods purchased the original interiors at 9,729 square feet on 12 acres.

The town of Jupiter Island in Martin County has one of the country’s wealthiest zip codes, with homes selling from $1.49 million to $65 million. A recent short sale was $1.5 million. Greg Norman and Raymond Floyd both have homes there. In the adjoining town of Jupiter (not to be confused with Jupiter Island), the Admirals Cove community has homes for sale for as much as $15 million, for the former Celine Dion residence, to as little as $300,000, for townhouses called “harbor homes, according to the Lichensteins.

They told AOL Real Estate that this part of Florida has been way less affected by the housing downturn, mostly because, like Aspen, communities where the wealthy proliferate tend to avoid foreclosure issues

Of course, selling won’t be all that bad. His ex is dating a billionaire, and Tiger can always move in with his Mom; he built her a 22,000 square foot mansion down the street.

Tiger Woods is one dude who appreciates, among other things,  second homes.

Jeff Lichtenstein of Christie’s Great Estates & Illustrated Properties in Palm Beach Gardens, sent us a first glimpse of Tiger Wood’s backyard and private practice complex –click on that photo, this is great House Porn:

“It appears he has one tee box in the southeast east corner to hit drivers. The entire area just west of the lap pool can be used to hit long, medium and short irons into any of the 4 greens. Each green is guarded by a single trap, except the green in the northwest corner which appears to have 3 pot bunkers.

Tiger has enough open space to practice his short game from any angle, any wind condition, which really appears what this practice area is all about.

His putting green is totally surrounded by dense vegetation. One wonders if he is trying to block out the wind by doing this or if he is cutting off both sunlight and air circulation. He probably has a sub-air temperature/humidity control system beneath the green, otherwise it would be worthless in the heat of the summer, especially if the grass there is bent or some northern grass.

I’m curious as to what type of grass he planted, both on the putting green and throughout his practice area. The denser Florida or tropical grasses react quite differently with the club head and ball, and Tiger  may find he is switching grasses a number of times until he finds the right mix.

I would have thought he’d have 2 putting greens, each with different grasses.

Another curious thing I found is the placement of this particular Jupiter Island home so far back from the intracoastal. Usually, homeowners want to be very close to the water, but I believe Tiger wanted his practice area close to the water, so he reversed the norm, creating another unique signature estate among the Jupiter Island homes.”

Thanks, Jeff and Cary! I am liking Singer Island, founded by sewing machine magnate Paris Singer in Palm Beach County. Supposedly this island was purchased for his mistress, who did not like it (picky) and is home to golfer Michelle McGann and rocker  Clarence Clemons. Pretty upscale homes ans condos, but have they ever finished repairing the Tiara? Looks like you’ve got some gorgeous properties there. Any great hot deals? How about I come out, visit, rate, and tell the readers of SecondShelters all about it?