Game of Thrones

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If the series finale of Game of Thrones was not enough for you, we have just the story for you. Check out that, plus some great travel recommendations, a warning about Airbnb, and a great Cliff May original up for grabs.

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Can’t Quit Game of Thrones? Five Spots You Can Visit

Doune Castle courtesy Viator

Love the ending, hate the ending, if you aren’t ready to give up Game of Thrones, there are five spots where you can get your Baratheon on, Hypebeast explains. (more…)

Game of ThronesAre you the ultimate “Game of Thrones” fan? Are you sure? Because maybe you can’t lay claim to that unless you pony up $656,452 for the castle in Northern Ireland that has served the series as Riverrun Castle, the ancestral home of Catelyn Stark.

Gosford Castle — or, you know, Riverrun, was of course also the site of the Red Wedding from the HBO show’s third season as well.

But even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, the history behind the castle and the income property potential might also sway you toward opening up your bank account. (more…)