This Scottsdale, Arizona, condo boasts waterfront and desert views, but has a budget-friendly price.

Editor’s Note: Recently, MoneyWise revealed its list of the 40 most frugal and friendly places to retire. In a bid to provide an idea of what housing inventory is available in these cities and towns, we’re taking a look at listings in each of the cities on the list.

Not everyone can spend $1 million or more on a second home, even if it’s with the idea that eventually you’ll retire there. So when MoneyWise’s list of 40 places to retire that are more budget-friendly came out, we were curious — what kind of homes could you find in these towns?

We decided to take a look. Number 40 on the list? Scottsdale, Arizona. Just east of Phoenix, the town of about 200,000 or so is home to a lot of golfing, a lot of shopping, and warm weather pretty much year around.

It’s also (for a few months every year) a baseball lover’s paradise, since the Major League Baseball spring training camps of the Cactus League are sprinkled around Arizona, with two in Scottsdale proper.

“This community of a little more than 200,000 people offers gorgeous warm weather, beautiful parks, and immaculate streets,” MoneyWise explained. “Its proximity to Phoenix makes it a fantastic place for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.”

“Owing in a large part to the year-round arid weather, Scottsdale and Phoenix are home to world-famous golf courses,” the story continued. “Healthcare in Scottsdale is known to be excellent. It should be noted that the Mayo Clinic has one of its three major branches in Scottsdale.”

So what did we find in Scottsdale? We found some frugal, some fairly frugal, and some not really frugal at all options. Today, we’ll look at two homes in two different price points, so you can get an idea of what your second home dollar can buy. (more…)



Spend any time in suburban Florida and you’ll see a lot of gated communities. It can seem as if the entire state lies secluded behind guard gates staffed by cheerful folks with clipboards and magic powers to allow or deny entry.

The true luxury in these communities is two-fold: privacy and amenities. Lush green space abounds and it seems that lawns and trees are always in a constant state of being trimmed and tended to. Amenities can be as simple as a community clubhouse and pool or range to a full-service country club. Even at the country club level, there are country clubs, and then there are the kind of clubs where service is delivered at an elevated level.

This brings us to The Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Fla., a spot that has drawn everyone from Celine Dion to Michael Jordan. The area seems to have a particular lure for golfers. Jack Nicklaus designed The Bear’s Club in 1999, creating a majestic and challenging 18-hole golf course and a community over 401 acres. The community is less than two miles from the ocean and within easy striking distance of the tony shops of West Palm Beach.