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What kind of nuts are we talking about, Jodi? Macadamia nuts? Brazil nuts? Definitely not peanuts, as you won’t find any vacation homes worth their salt going for that. Sure, the second home market is super hot, but let’s not get too carried away — slow growth is sustainable growth, and that’s what many economists are seeing in the vacation home market.

What I do like about Jodi Helmer’s piece in the Huffington Post is the four essential pieces of advice for vacation home shoppers (although I don’t necessarily agree with the fourth):

1) Location is king

2) Make sure its a viable rental

3) Make sure you see the real bottom line (maintenance and taxes) before signing on it

4) Before you make a bid, sleep on it

The fourth piece of advice is kind of problematic because, just like buying any property, someone else might want it more than you and if you follow Jodi’s rule and always sleep on it, well, you can lose out.

What do you think?

Charlie Sheen’s doing it, Tiger and Elin are doing it, and I think it may actually be a pretty good idea for the kiddos, in some cases. We know that Elin Nordegren made good use of her $110 million settlement from Tiger by plunking down $12.2 million for a 17,178-square-foot beach-front property in North Palm Beach. The new home is  just 10 miles from Tiger’s new pad in Jupiter, Fla.

The Huffington Post reported that Nordegren bought the two-story mansion–which has eight bathrooms and a 4,700-square-foot basement– what a great place for the kiddos to play!. She bought the home through one of her divorce lawyers, Dennis Belcher.

In October, the Swedish former model toured a $5 million penthouse apartment in Jupiter Island, where Tiger Woods’ new home is being built. Tiger recently said he’s about ready to move into his 12-acre, $50-million bachelor pad, which includes a 6,400-square-foot gym/media room/bar, an elevator, a reflecting pond, a lap pool, and a 3.5 acre elaborate beyond belief practice facility. It’s apparently set up so he can hit shots out of his second story window.

Tiger and Elin finalized their split last August but maturely agreed to live near each other for the sake of their children, Sam and Charlie. I have heard of cases where parents do buy homes to be near each other and the children when they are not married to the mother but still wish to participate in the child’s life, or divorcing couples who live a few doors away. And of course, there are those famous couples now who even vacation with their exes. I just think it’s all quite healthy! What do you think?