Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush & Henry Hager

I got a chance to chat with Jenna and Barbara Bush at Thursday’s Nexus luncheon, where I asked Jenna how the sale of the town home is going. Seems the national housing market’s double dip dip dip is affecting the former First Daughter as well.

“We just reduced it,” she told me. The Baltimore townhome had been listed at $474,900 and is now reduced to $449,000.

During the Q&A with Candice Crawford, the twins said they are both living in New York City now where their cats are “cousins”, and Jenna and hubby Henry came home one weekend to “Goldilocks” — Barbara and her cats asleep in their bed. Henry offered to let Barbara live with them, but only if she paid rent.

“He’s cheap,” teased the outgoing Jenna, a teacher and correspondent for NBC-TV.

(Chase is not moving in with us, quipped Candice.)

When asked how they handled negative comments of their father and family, Jenna said they had both been raised by their parents with no pressure to follow any traditions and to think for themselves — in other words, to be the independent young women they have become who cherish the amazing experiences they have been given. (Barbara came home to meet the Dalie Lama at her parents’ house.) Besides, said Jenna, we were 18 when we got to the White House–

“We just ignored all that BS.”

Ran into precious Candice Crawford today, that emerald-shaped rock of Gibraltar  flashing on her finger (“Didn’t he do well,” she said, “and all on his own!”), at the Nexus Recovery Center luncheon featuring Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager today at Union Station. (Candice put on the Q&A, her heartthrob Tony came to lunch to see it all.) We couldn’t ask Candice about her wedding plans, and quite frankly, still being starry-eyed from the Texas Royal Wedding of May 7, I was more than happy to oblige. All I wanted was dirt on the house.

“Oh we’re moving into Tony’s home for now,” Candice told me. “But I do plan a little re-decorating, to make it less of a bachelor pad.”

Oh Tony, get ready! I told Candice that I sensed Tony was kind of a practical guy when it came to money matters, which she confirmed. Oh yes, she said. Which is why they plan to be in the Cottonwood Valley home for awhile. She was also super excited to lend her support to the Nexus program —

“We all deal with addiction, somehow, in our own way or in our families” said Candice.

Candice is also impressed with how, at Nexus, women are allowed to bring up to three children right to the Recovery Center over on LaPrada, so there are zero barriers to receiving treatment. (I mean, let’s face it: how can a woman seek treatment if she has no one to care for her children?) They get to stay together as a family in a clean environment. Nexus is one of the few facilities in the US that allows children to remain with their mothers through treatment.

future home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Romo

Here’s a cool place if you have a hankering for a second home in the Baltimore MD area — the market there is not too shabby, but you might have to worry about crime. Jenna Bush Hager and her husband, Henry, have their super historical townhouse on the market for $474,900 for the three-bedroom, 2000 square foot former storefront with original hardwoods, 11 foot ceilings, gas fireplace and exposed brick. The home also has a garage and a neat two-story rooftop terrace off the master bedroom. Oh and that master bath sports a white marble tub and spa bath, not too shabby for these young un’s who got hitched in Texas in 2008. In Maryland, selling prices are recorded so the WSJ reports that Henry paid $440,000 for the property back in 2008. Guess they are hoping for a little appreciation. The town home is near Federal Hill, which is kind of like Georgetown, if you know D.C. Also the Baltimore Sun dug up this: the couple’s mountain bikes were stolen from their garage in June, which makes everyone wonder if Baltimore crime is enough to maybe send them back home to Texas?