Because he wants to be closer to his mother, which is so wonderfully sweet. My Austin sources tell me that Dennis and Kimberly’s new home is on Matthews Drive in Tarrytown right on Lake Austin, on one of the most gorgeous streets in town and most convenient to UT. (Dallas readers, it’s the Dallas equivalent of living on Lakeside Drive in Highland Park, but more eclectic.) Before she met Dennis, Kimberly was head of
marketing for Texas American Title Company.  The Quaids owned a house in Austin which they sold in late 2009 on the Westlake side of Lake Austin, across the way from this treasure.  Word is Dennis spent very little time there.

But now, Dennis’s mother has just moved into a retirement home in Austin near the Arboretum on Great Hills Drive, and he wants to be closer to her and let her enjoy the twins. Did I tell you the $12,000,000 home they just bought also has an FAA-approved heli-pad? Now, how much would that have set you back in LA? Austin realtors tell me to get ready for more moving vans carting off Hollywood celebs: they really like what they can buy in Austin.