Peter PanIt’s not every day that the estate of Peter Pan (or at least someone who played Peter Pan) hits the market, but when we saw this Norwalk, Connecticut listing from Holly Giordano, we knew we had to share.

In her Peter Pan, Nellie Forbush, Annie Oakley heyday, it’s not hard to imagine that Broadway legend (and Weatherford, Texas native, and mother to JR Ewing himself, Larry Hagman) Mary Martin needing a quiet place to kick back.

And this incredible three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, 3,160 square foot home sitting on more than two acres of rolling, lush grass would certainly do the trick.

But the home has a bit more history than just Martin — it was built not long after the U.S. won its independence from England. And its current owner has taken pains to marry the historical with the entertaining spaces Martin undoubtedly appreciated, along with the modern touches homeowners nowadays come to expect.

This ‘wow’ house was originally built in 1790 by Epenetus Kellogg then brought today’s high standards by recent home owner Helen Barr of Barr and Barr Bags,” said Giordano, who is with William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty.


Robert Wilonsky at The Dallas Observer says not only is the Dallas pilot going to be shot here, shooting begins in just a few weeks and really showcases the city. Our city. Let me tell you how vitally this impacts us. Giving away my age here, kind of like Larry, but I was living in New York City when the first Dallas series was airing, and learned we would be moving to Dallas. We all sat and watched it, took notes: wow, do all the houses look like that? Do all the women? That place looks familiar. (Translate: sell my furniture, go on a diet, get Botox STAT.) Then a few years later — that was the longest-running series ever — my daughter and I took swimming classes with Charlene Tilton and her baby — BTW where is Charlene now? A television show about a certain city just sets the image. Could Sex In The City have taken place anywhere but New York? And not all cities get shows named after them — where’s “Austin“? For better or worse, Good Christian Bitches and Dallas are showcasing us to the world, and outsiders will think we live like those characters… and all have ranches with Longhorn. And are Christian, with cleavage.