Realtor Casey Lewis with Cearnal Realtors has been waiting for a good while to deploy his dinomite marketing strategy — and he finally did in Granbury last week.

In fact, when he saur this two-bedroom, one-bath lake house, he also knew that the owners wouldn’t think it was a pterrible idea.

Yes, you can see where we’re going with this, probably.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get raptored up in this mammoth marketing story of a ploy that, despite some super short arms, had tremendously long reach.

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Click yourself on over to the right side of this blog and subscribe to by email. I’m working on what I call Grown-Up Sleepovers at select second home communities. (This time, you don’t have to sneak in the booze.) I’ve always had these wild ideas about marketing real estate and homes, which is why I’m having a blast trying them out right here. Here’s one of my wackier ideas: I think you should be able to try out a house. You try on clothes before you buy them, but we walk into a home and peak into the closets and maybe go back a few times but do we really know how that house feels on us? And then we buy it for way more than a suit and then it’s non-returnable! Bad deal! Pay several hundred thousand for a home you’ve never slept in?  Let’s say you are thinking about moving into the suburbs, to a gorgeous place like The Bridges at Preston Crossing. Or St. James Park. You are stressing a bit about the commute — well, go up there for a few days and live and TRY the commute!

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