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We have a beach home for a family of five — with a twist, a Colorado ranch that includes a car museum and a fossil, possibly the world’s most terrifying swimming pool, and road trip suggestions.

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New Zealand Beach Cabin a Retreat for Five

Dwell Photo

We cannot get over this beach hut/cabin designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, and featured on Dwell

It sits on the dunes at the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, and can be moved on two sleds.  (more…)

Who will buy this US$3.8 million New Zealand penthouse?

In the good old days, the wealthy used to scoop up gold and jewels and flee in the dead of night before poor, angry peasants descended upon their estates. Today, the million-dollar jewels are often red carpet loans where today’s décolletage is rented like a yesteryear billboard.

Hiding assets from pillagees, modern-day pillagers have offshore banks, blind trusts, LLCs and cryptocurrencies. Fleeing is now the purview of private jets to far-away lands – but the local residents in those faraway lands are getting ticked-off at being priced out of their own markets and they’re mobilizing.

Last month, New Zealand passed a law banning many foreigners from purchasing existing homes. The legislation was part of a promise during Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s campaign in 2017 to reduce the country’s skyrocketing housing prices. Earlier in the year The New Yorker published a story about super wealthy Americans purchasing New Zealand real estate as a hedge against potential political or nuclear Armageddon – nicknamed “apocalypse insurance.”

Why New Zealand? (more…)