Alan Peppard had the history of the Aikman property over on Highland in his column yesterday, and it brought me flash-backs of the day I heard, way back in 2004, that Aikman had bought an old home on a primo Highland Park corner. The story was that the house was not on the market, but Aikman went over and charmed the homeowner, Ruby Goggans, into selling for around $3 million. Great vision: he bought the lot before the market really heated up a whole lot, and hired starchitect Larry Boerder to design a 10,500-square-foot Mediterranean mansion, wrapped around a rectangular pool, says Alan.

Then jump ahead to 2008:  Cheryl and Brian Potashnik, (remember them?) were found guilty of a city hall corruption scandal that had something to do with commercial real estate and bribes. Well, they were Troy’s next-door neighbors! (Brian Potashnik was sentenced to 14 months in prison last fall.) Well, Aikman jumped right in and bought their 7411 square foot house and land for more than $8 million, according to my sources. (His loan was $5 million, according to records dug up by the Dallas Morning News.) He then demolished the Potashnik home and enlarged his own estate, adding a 1,045-square-foot cabana and a basketball/sport. And Troy had one of the biggest, most elegant spreads in all of Highland Park.

But last November, Rhonda Aikman bought a home on Mimosa in Preston Hollow, where she is living currently. The day after I published that story (I know, brag brag) the Aikmans announced their separation. Sources tell me the girls missed the house. Troy told Alan he has no plans to leave the 75205 ZIP code.

What home do you think he might buy next?