Front of Home

Talk about location, y’all! Commuting distance to Dallas, and right by Highway 75 and McKinney, 4445 County Road 208 in Celina is for the working rancher. The property is a modest 7.22 acres, so plenty of room for a few stay-at-home horses without being overwhelming or too much to take care of. Seven acres is still what I like to call “riding lawnmower size.” No tractor required.


White Fence

Front of House

Well, looky here! Surely this charmer is someone’s dreamhome. Located within the magical one hour bubble from D/FW in Italy (pronounced It-LEE, if you’re a local), this stunning estate on 33 white-fenced acres is sure to please.

If you haven’t visited yet, Italy is a lovely community with many ridiculously awesome horse farms and ranches, giving the impression you are in the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky, rather than 50 minutes from downtown Dallas. Italy is the perfect landing point for a family that wants to be in the country, but yet still within commuting distance for work and entertainment.



If you’ve always dreamt of living in the country, but a big property to maintain is intimidating or you have to commute to a job in order to pay for livin’ the dream, this classic ranchette at 402 Fox Hollow in Wylie, TX may just be what you’ve been searching for. This classic country home is just so charming, and perfect for the growing family that doesn’t want to be too far from city conveniences. Located in Wylie ISD, this home is well-suited to a family with school age (more…)


Y’all were expecting the typical Pilot Point white-columned mansion-on-the-hill, huh? Nope! This magnificently unique ranch home is just waiting to be loved by the adventurous, equally unique modern family. A Santa Fe style hacienda on the outside, the interior is straight out of Meet The Jetsons with a dash of Mad Men. Does it get cooler? No, no it does not. 


I am an amateur equestrian (read: I haven’t been on horseback in oh, say, 8 years). However, if I had a few million dollars and plenty of time on my hands, I would jump at the chance to own horses. But if you’re more than an amateur equestrian and you’ve got a few million dollars, then you should jump at the chance to have a stallion breeding facility in none other than Mustang, Texas.

No, I’m not making it up. JEH Stallion Station is a gigantic breeding facility on the outskirts of Pilot Point. This rural location between McKinney and Denton is a great place for a horse lover to get away from the city and really immerse themselves in cowboy culture.

The entire facility includes an 18-stall barn, 140 pens, an 88-stall mare motel, 11-stall mare barn with runs, a 1-stall stallion barn, an arena, walkers, grain and equipment storage and three three-bedroom, two-bath homes. This huge complex sits on almost 200 acres, too!

Find out more about Stallion Station via Brian Smith with Dave Perry-Miller and Associates!