Photo courtesy Ocean Pines Association

Editor’s Note: Recently, MoneyWise revealed its list of the 40 most frugal and friendly places to retire. In a bid to provide an idea of what housing inventory is available in these cities and towns, we’re taking a look at listings in each of the cities on the list.

Not everyone can spend $1 million or more on a second home, even if it’s with the idea that eventually you’ll retire there. So when MoneyWise’s list of 40 places to retire that are more budget-friendly came out, we were curious — what kind of homes could you find in these towns?

Last time, we looked at the 13th city on the list — Bella Vista, Arkansas. This time, we look at Ocean Pines, Maryland, and found three great homes — all for less than $500,000.

“Residents love life in squeaky clean, amenity-filled Ocean Pines. It’s a lovely place to relax and grow old, with its fresh air, welcoming beachfront and bay, and a plethora of outdoor activities,” MoneyWise said. “From yachting to golfing to tennis, you can pick your leisure activity and walk or bike there.”

“Retirees will also benefit from the no state tax on Social Security income and the above-average number of doctors in the area. The median housing cost is a bit higher at $233,500, but residents swear that the warm community and great lifestyle is worth every penny.”

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