A true retreat on an island, featuring more than 5,000 square feet of luxurious interiors and a dock complete with a party deck — this is just the lake house for celebrating those patriotic holidays, holding your family close, and appreciating all of the splendid summer activities Cedar Creek Lake has to offer.

Plus, it has a bit of a celeb history, Candy says.

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Well I had an interesting day yesterday. Started at the North Dallas MLS Meeting, ended up in court. Seems Dr. Richard Malouf and his wife want a temporary restraining order against me, Byron Harris, WFAA-TV, and Laura Wilson, mother of Owen Wilson, who lives next door to Richard and Leanne. That’s right, they are suing their next-door neighbor. This is all public record, so happy reading — oh the part about climbing on Mrs. Wilson’s roof and the camera in the closet, and, well, ALL of it, to quote a dear friend of mine: You just can’t make this *%#$@! up!

Well, actually, I guess you CAN!

Original Petition TRO and Temporary Injunction, Malouf v. Evans

Totally forgot this until Claire Dewar reminded me today: those Wilson boys grew up right across the street from Phil Romano’s $12,500,000 spread on Strait Lane, home of the hottest Super Bowl party in town on Saturday night. In talking with Claire, she tells me someone told Owen Wilson he ought to just buy up the Romano spread so he and brother Luke could use it for a fun play pad and be right across the street from the ‘rents, who still live on Strait Lane.

I mean, why not: the Jonas Brothers did buy a few blocks over from mom and dad. Then again, they just sold and are apparently headed for LA.