Farmhouse 2

Open-space valued property for sale in Aubrey, TX — Arvin Hill Road

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, so I took a minute to ask myself: “What question do I hear all the dang time, but never have an easy answer to?” Almost immediately, my little real estate shoulder angel whispered “Ag Exemption, dummy” in her little squeaky, know-it-all voice that I find oh-so-annoying. Admittedly, however, TinkerAgent had a point. I do get asked about ag exemptions a lot. At least once a week.

Disclaimer: I do not fancy myself an attorney or a CPA. I’m going to tell y’all exactly what I tell my clients: Call your attorney, county tax assessor, or your grandmother — whomever you trust for advice on your actual situation. I am going to give the elementary-level Cliff’s Notes version here, considering this is probably the No. 1 most common question I get asked. Also, if you’re one of those people who particularly enjoys small print and self-education, let me recommend this snoozefest, er, fascinating summary from the State Property Tax Board: Click here if you are having trouble sleeping.




If you’ve always wanted a place in the country, but just a stone’s throw away from the city, the ranch at 5575 W Hwy 175 in Kaufman might be your dream come true. A mere 32 miles from downtown Dallas, this little ranchette is the perfect mix of city and country, and still within commuting distance. Located right off the access road to Highway 175, you can quite literally just hop on the highway and go. And no worries about traffic noise — the house and barn are set on the very back of the 14.5-acre property on the top of the hill, offering sprawling views of the pastures and surrounding countryside. I mean, just look at those bluebonnets!



We’re back to sweet residential ranches this week on Ranch of the Week, and this one’s a beaut! Just 20 minutes outside Rockwall, this fabulously updated ranchette at 4230 Val Rose is a charming slice of country, with all the amenities and conveniences of the city. Seriously, isn’t it just darling?