I spent part of yesterday tootling around one of my fave Dallas areas — Colleyville, or Colleywood as some of us call it.  Fell in love with this area ten years ago. Colleyville and Southlake are two of the highest net work communities in the United States, and in Colleyville every master planned development was truly master planned with gorgeous water features for fishing, boating or just peace of mind. I sneaked into some of the most chi chi of the chi chi developments (oops), drooled,  did some of my drive-bys with the camera, and drooled again over all the houses on White Chapel Boulevard. God, I love it out there. It’s so — country and peaceful yet so —  Hollywood!

Speaking of, I’ll be wearing my Colleywood shades tomorrow as I head to the Colleyville Center (behind the IMAX) to give a little Celeb Real estate talk to a bunch of Colleyville Realtors for the good folks at Alamo Title DFW and Chuck Baudrau, Jeff Aldredge and Jason Rasmusson with Supreme Lending.  We are going to dish and gossip and talk House Porn Candy and who’s buying what where when. We might even talk a little bees-ness. Who knows, but I sure hope you can all be there at ten a.m.