What makes a traveler choose Airbnb over a hotel? A variety of reasons, one survey by IPX1031 revealed, including privacy and better options.

And with many second home owners opting to take advantage of the relative ease short-term rental companies like Airbnb provides in earning a little income from a property that sometimes sits dormant, knowing what moves the needle for a prospective guest is important.

IPX1031 surveyed 2,000 Americans to get a better idea of why they might choose a short-term rental over a hotel.

“According to survey respondents, 68 percent would choose to rent an Airbnb over a hotel, even if the prices were the same,” the company said. “Privacy, uniqueness of rental, free parking and pet-friendliness were some of the top factors that set Airbnb apart from hotels, according to our survey.”


According to the survey, 61 percent would choose an Airbnb over a hotel, while 72 percent felt that short-term rentals were better for group travel. But 68 percent said they’d choose an Airbnb even if the rate was the same as a comparable hotel room. (more…)