While you and I cleaned out the pool, braved NorthPark Mall in Dallas, or invited friends over for BBQ and margaritas, the rich and famous played quietly at their second homes. I mean, who got this whole second home fad started anyhow –celebrities and the very wealthy. William Randolph Hearst built his Hearst Castle in San Simeon with 41 bedrooms so he could invite friends. I mean, what fun is 95,000 square feet if you live there alone and can’t fill it up?

In Telluride, Colorado where Seinfeld has his second home mansion, the home is often filled with friends. Others, however, like to take to the beach for a quiet get away with loved ones. Of course, Dallas quarterback and newlywed Tony Romo tried that this summer — at Sean Payton’s Watercolor, Florida beach house — and ended up playing football on the beach.

But there is no doubt that when one prominent figure’s private island retreat recently made international headlines, it was time to take a closer look at these getaways and maybe whip out the checkbook. Celebrities bring panache to a second home community and usually help raise property values, voyeurism as well as the fun. Here are a few spots where the celebs hang out on holidays:

Malibu — Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
0 Broad Beach Rd, Malibu, CA
Value: $14.75 million
Bedrooms / Baths: 4 / 5
Square Footage: 4,300

Photo: Realtor.com

This gorgeous ocean-front home is done as a Balinese-styled getaway on already celebrity-studded Broad Beach. If you cannot afford the $14.75 million asking price, never fear. You can lease it for a mere $95,000 a month. Wait — just read that the monthly rental has been chopped to $80,000. Wow, that’s way more affordable. The 4300 square foot home was extensively renovated in 2005. Here’s an idea: share between three couples. After all, the home includes three suites (the master bath is more special with a Chinese onyx spa-inspired bath), a Creston media room, a designer kitchen, plus a guest house with meditation or guest room, and a workout room. But really, no matter the holiday, what better place to be than Malibu?

Kelsey Grammer
256 Tall Timber Rd, Avon, CO
Value: $9,950,000
Bedrooms / Baths: 6 / 8
Square Footage: 9,743

Kelsey Grammer, the former “Cheers” TV show star, is selling his enormous mountain ski retreat that was once proudly featured in Architectural Digest.

Grammer had only skied about two years when he bought the house, located in between Glenwood Springs and Breckenridge.  But who cares about powder conditions when you have a wine cellar, stone flooring, vaulted ceilings, nanny quarters, deck and well, this house? The structure’s building materials are recycled and have an intriguing history. The hardwood was salvaged from an 18th-century Chicago warehouse.

Martha Stewart
Mount Desert Island, ME
Bedrooms / Baths: unavailable
Square Footage: 35,000

Photo: Realtor.com

Photo: Marthastewart.com

Martha Stewart has been a summer resident in Seal Harbor for more than ten years. As they say in Maine, this is where she “summers”. This amazing second home is on 63 acres, called Skylands, and was originally built for automobile tycoon Edsel Ford in 1925. The magnificent grounds were designed by Jens Jensen. Despite the home’s age, Martha is only the third owner. As you can imagine, the home has absolutely everything including a flower-arranging room! As for what she paid for the historic home, all we know is what Martha reportedly told The New York Times: “I won’t even say the price, but you can say it was one of the best purchases of property since the Louisiana Purchase.” Good for you, Martha! That great negotiating — and we are sure Martha did most of it — even included the antique cars and original furniture. No SubZeros up here –even the refrigerators (above) are original, and Stewart reports they are working just fine: “You can put a whole cow in them. They’re fabulous.”

Now here’s something we just cannot believe: according to Internet gossip, Stewart is not fond of tresspassers and supposedly has the stones on Skylands’ pink granite drive annually removed, washed, and then replaced. Why not just let the ocean shower them with saltwater?

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
Malibu, CA
Value: $9.5 million
Bedrooms / Baths: 5 / 5
Square Footage: 4,500

The Osbournes bought this seaside home in 2003 for $5.1 million.
Photo: Realtor.com

We hear that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been shedding real estate lately, such as the home featured on their reality series— which was later sold to Christina Aguilera—and also their main residence, a mansion in Hidden Hills, Calif. Sadly, the Osbournes have also been trying to sell or rent out a gorgeous midcentury beachfront home for years. The rent has varied from $25,000 and $40,000, that’s per month. The home is loaded and features a library, walk-in closets, security features naturally, plus numerous beachfront decks and terraces.

Jerry Seinfeld
225 Raspberry Patch, Telluride, CO
Value: $18.25 million
Bedrooms / Baths: 11 / 12.5
Square Footage: 14,200

Photo: Zillow.com

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s massive Telluride, Colo., compound, with 27 acres overlooking Sunshine & Wilson peaks, is on the market fully furnished, often the case with second homes, is being offered fully furnished. The mansion was completely renovated circa-1991 and includes a wet bar, lofts, and a huge guesthouse. But the sweet spot is truly the outdoors. If you can visualize a deck twice the size of most homes, that would be the 5,500-square-foot deck. Talk about great entertaining. The property also includes hiking trails and a creek, and is of course located smack near some of the best skiing in the state of Colorado.

Sean Payton has a home on one of my favorite beaches, Watercolor, near Panama City Beach, Florida. Here’s his yummy house  — I was there, once. Sean is super generous with his beach house and this weekend it was loaded with football celebs who got an impromptu game of “7 on 7” touch football going on the beach that got a lot of buzz and onlookers.

“It got so competitive to where the whole beach was watching,’’ Payton told SportsNOLA.com Saturday. “A highlight for me was my son Connor caught a touchdown pass from Romo. No, he didn’t spike it; he knows better.’’

Fun. ‘Course this leads to more speculation that Payton has such close ties to the Cowboys. In March, he moved to Vaquero. Payton was the Cowboys assistant coach in Dallas from 2003 through 2005, and has only has two years remaining on his contract in New Orleans. Watch for more Dallas Cowboys to be buying beach homes on the Florida Gulf Coast. Tony and Candice, check out Alys Beach!

Head out to Las Colinas to check out real estate. But don’t let your real estate search go to your head.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Here’s an interesting house, and not too far down the street from those newlyweds Tony and Candice Romo. More than 9,000 square feet behind those hallowed Cottonwood Valley gates, and lookie what’s inside: heads, heads and more heads. 

For the buyer that seeks unique, well, this is sure your ticket. A Southwestern style ranch with fossil stone construction and open floorplan has every amenity and resort-style living. Or shall I say, safari? There is a guest-live-in 2 bedroom apartment complete with full kitchen. Take the elevator, take the wide stairways. Also panoramic views of the Four Seasons golf course and Las Colinas water ways. All this for only $2,395,000. Really not a bad price for the square footage.

Home on the range takes on a whole new meaning here.

But the best is this: a 3000sf great room loaded with a wildlife exhibit! The animals are displayed in “natural” settings with hand painted mural backgrounds which make sit look as though you are in the wilds of South Africa and the Cape Buffalo are charging. The home lists for $2,395,000 and does not include the animals — but they are negotiable!

I just had a terrible thought. You don’t suppose these folks might take over one of these heads to Candice and Tony as a welcome wagon gift, do you? Then again, they may love these dead animal heads. Not worth losing your head over but, to each his own — head!

1503 Cottonwood Valley

Saturday is the big day for Candice Crawford and Tony Romo and we wish them all the best. The crazy weather is gone so skies should be matching the bride’s eyes. As  for the home situation, a little birdie tells me Tony still has a couple of Wisconsin buddies living with him — time to hit the road, guys. I also hear that (despite what she told me) Candice may be hoping to move out of Irving and closer in. Now you don’t think, do you, that had anything to do with Troy Aikman’s timing...

Ran into precious Candice Crawford today, that emerald-shaped rock of Gibraltar  flashing on her finger (“Didn’t he do well,” she said, “and all on his own!”), at the Nexus Recovery Center luncheon featuring Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager today at Union Station. (Candice put on the Q&A, her heartthrob Tony came to lunch to see it all.) We couldn’t ask Candice about her wedding plans, and quite frankly, still being starry-eyed from the Texas Royal Wedding of May 7, I was more than happy to oblige. All I wanted was dirt on the house.

“Oh we’re moving into Tony’s home for now,” Candice told me. “But I do plan a little re-decorating, to make it less of a bachelor pad.”

Oh Tony, get ready! I told Candice that I sensed Tony was kind of a practical guy when it came to money matters, which she confirmed. Oh yes, she said. Which is why they plan to be in the Cottonwood Valley home for awhile. She was also super excited to lend her support to the Nexus program —

“We all deal with addiction, somehow, in our own way or in our families” said Candice.

Candice is also impressed with how, at Nexus, women are allowed to bring up to three children right to the Recovery Center over on LaPrada, so there are zero barriers to receiving treatment. (I mean, let’s face it: how can a woman seek treatment if she has no one to care for her children?) They get to stay together as a family in a clean environment. Nexus is one of the few facilities in the US that allows children to remain with their mothers through treatment.

future home of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Romo

More North Texas real estate news. The coach of the New Orleans Saints is not leaving the Saints to join the Cowboys, but he is moving his family to Vaquero, in Westlake,  from New Orleans, according to The Times-Picayune. Sean Peyton apparently has bought (or plans to buy) a home and plans to enroll his children in school in their new Texas neighborhood toote suite. According to ESPN, Payton became interested in Vaquero when he lived in nearby Southlake, during his tenure as an assistant coach under Bill Parcells with the Cowboys.

So how’s he going to get to work? Easy. Private jet. Payton estimates that flying on a private plane is 90 minutes door to door from his office at the Saints complex to the family’s new home. He and his wife, Beth, apparently intend to eventually retire in North Texas. This is the deal Payton wanted all along, but the T-P reports that Saints owner
Tom Benson insisted on the entire Payton family living in New Orleans.

Well, all that is changing. Oh and the Payton’s have a second home on the Gulf Coast in Watercolor, Florida, one of my very favorite second home haunts. (See photo of the house.) Moved in Memorial Day, 2009. I can tell you this: Tony Romo will probably not be taking his fiance, Candice Crawford, to this beach bungalow, like he did Jessica Simpson in 2009. The locals say she was clomping all over the Boardwalk in her four-inch stilettos.

Next up: which Vaquero home is he buying. I swear, Vaquero: Home of the Sports Superstars.  Or maybe, TMT: Too Much Testosterone. Forbes listed it as the most affluent neighborhood in the entire country!