Yes, Utah, the Mormon state, home of multiple wives and big families — kidding. (Sort of.) According to recent information released by the U.S. Census Bureau, as reported by U-Haul, Utah properties have the most rooms per home, on average, followed by Texas. The Census Bureau surveyed 915 metropolitan and micropolitan areas and found out that  Utah properties have the most rooms per home, on average — 7 rooms per home. (Note: I am still seeking the original source of this information.) While Texas had numerous cities on the bureau’s list, Utah areas accounted for the top five spots. In the Lone Star state, there is Brownwood, with an average of 5.7 rooms per home, the most in the state. The Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area followed Brownwood at an average of 5.4. I really want to know where Dallas/Fort Worth, with Vaquero mixed in, stands.

Brigham City, Utah has an average of seven rooms per home.  Living, dining, kitchen, family and three bedrooms. Bathrooms are not usually counted as rooms.

The national median is 5.5 rooms per home (living/dining/kitchen/two bedrooms), and only a mere 9.8 percent of properties across the country have nine rooms, or more.

Champ D’Or, pictured here, has 36,360 square feet with six bedrooms, seven baths, a bowling alley, underground parking, ballroom, theater, wine room, two guests suites, veranda seating for 500, indoor/outdoor pools, and sits on 90 acres thirty minutes north of Dallas. It is now being marketed by Joan Eleazer of Briggs Freeman. You could start a boutique agency with all the agents who have tried to sell this place (and lost moola on the marketing materials). Joan Eleazer first time, Doris Jacobs, Ebby Halliday, Elaine Whitfield and Matthew Edwards,  and full circle now with Joan Eleazer again at Briggs Freeman.

Chanel boutique closet or no, I love it, but that place is not budging.