Photo courtesy NoiseAware

Like many, you may be using your second home as a part-time income generator, too — utilizing Airbnb, VRBO, or another platform to rent out your vacation home to other vacationers.

And maybe you’ve had a great run of good luck, but all it takes is one noisy set of short-term tenants, or one raucous party, for your fellow neighbors to be long-term irritated with you.

Over at the Mother Ship, we’ve written about NoiseAware before. After our Bethany Erickson wrote about neighbors fed up with a property owner who (they said) indiscriminately rented out a home in a residential area to people who liked to, shall we say, party, David Krauss and his business partner, Andrew Schulz, reached out to Candy’s Media to tell us about their product, which they feel is a boon to homeowners taking advantage of the short-term rental market — a noise detector that alerts a host when the noise level is reaching neighbor-irritating levels.

“I started my company, NoiseAware, in Dallas after a single partying Airbnb guest of mine ruined my rep with my neighbors,” Krauss told us in his email introduction. “That was two years ago when there were a few hundred Airbnb listings in Dallas. We’ve been partnered with HomeAway/VRBO for over a year now and are really making a difference in helping reduce the surging ‘neighbor nuisance issues.’”  (more…)


The Penfield House was designed by the venerated Frank Lloyd Wright, and was one of his last designs before his death in 1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright aficionados who are looking for some income property can hit the jackpot with the Penfield Home, located in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, and situated on the Chagrin River.

The three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath home was commissioned by Louis and Pauline Penfield in 1952, the Penfield family said on a website used to showcase the home and its rental availability. (more…)