It’s official, he owns dirt in the Lone Star State. Sean Payton and fam are now card-carrying Texans! In early January, Sean and his wife bought a stunning 7,785 square foot home in a delicious part of Vaquero that is honestly one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen out there, maybe anywhere. I mean, no offense NOLA, but you would not find a house like this in Louisiana. No way Jose. PLEASE check out this slide show for detailed photos.

2006 Brazos Court is nestled into a cozy Vaquero cul se sac overlooking a pond. The kids can go fish whenever. The home has 7785 square feet, was built in 2006 and features stunning contemporary interiors. Each bathroom has those generous Farmer’s sinks that you usually only see in kitchens, and take note of the Master bath in that slide show: most gorgeous tile ever plus steam shower and a romantic rock fireplace. I love this idea of using the Farmer’s sinks everywhere! (One of my design pet peeves is teeny tiny sinks that let water splash all over tarnation.)

The home has stained concrete floors as well as wood, marble and stone. The foyer has stacked stone walls and a 100 year old giant dark wood antique door, it’s like being in a rock church vestibule. There are five bedrooms, four and a half baths — guess they may need to add a few more according to my latest research — and three living areas. The home is also a Poster Child for green energy efficiency: That super duper insulated SIP foam construction that whittles utility bills to dollars a month even in August, tankless water heaters, thermo windows and highest SEER-rated utilities. And oh my the extras: outdoor kitchen, loggia, fire-pit, salt-water pool, play pool, media room, exercise room, study, and game room with that fabulous discotheque for the kids or maybe, adults? It has a lighted floor, mirrored ball, laser lights, a fog machine and probably a Bose sound system — not sure on that, but whatever brand it’s a killer that will make that game room rock like Carnegie Hall.

I’m a little confused over pricing. The original list price was $3.2 million, actually $3,195,000, but then it appears to have crept up to $3,450,000. Unusual in this market for a home to INCREASE it’s price after being on the market for a year. Z sale? Anyhoo, glad to welcome the Paytons to Texas. I hear they love living in Vaquero and tell friends it’s the most perfect place on the face of the earth. As I told you yesterday, they had been leasing Mark Teixeira’s house but did not renew the lease. No matter what the press has said about Mr. Payton’s coaching skills or style, this wipes the slate clean: he’s got great taste in homes and real estate. In my eyes, he’s a god!

As we told you here first, former Fox entertainer Glenn Beck confirmed he’s not only moving to Dallas but in fact, the family is already here. (Wonder how it makes the folks in Westlake feel when Beck says he’s moving to “Dallas”?) Robert Wilonsky at The Dallas  Observer also has this fun YouTube video of the new Pietra now Beck manse, which he is leasing for $20,000 a month. Over the weekend, I heard that Beck is leasing because he wants to test the waters in Vaquero and  may ultimately build his own spread out there. He also plans to build a big radio/TV/production facility and “we’re gonna create some jobs with people who know how to create jobs”. Beck was not too keen on the “media” spilling the beans on his new abode, despite leasing under an assumed name (can you do that?) and confidentiality agreements. He’s worried that it will put his family in jeopardy, and to that I say, chill, Glenn: you’re living in Vaquero.

Or will he keep it as a second home? Is he going anywhere? The Dallas Morning News is reporting (I subscribe!) that Chuck Greenberg will be replaced as the managing general partner of the Texas Rangers and CEO of the club’s operating holding company. Expect the announcement later today. Something is apparently rotten in Denmark: a source told the Dallas Morning News that  Greenberg left the Rangers’ spring training facility in Surprise, Arizona abruptly on Saturday, this during what was supposed to be a fun-filled, happy, joyous weekend for the partners. And oh dear: Greenberg did not show to a party he and Nolan Ryan were supposed to host on Sunday.

(You what that meant when Rhonda Aikman did not show at Troy’s holiday party.)

It’s only been seven months since the MLB’s approved Greenberg, Ryan and more than a dozen others to purchase the club for more than $590 million. And the Rangers even made it to the World Series! Last April 26, Chuck Greenberg put a contract on this lovely little number at 2211 Vaquero Estates Boulevard (this video of the home is a must-see) owned by former Cowboy Tony Banks, which was listed for $3.5 million with Roxann Taylor and Associates realtors. The home had been on the market for awhile. It’s Mediterranean style, with  8754 square feet and a view of Vaquero’s 17th and 18th fairways. It’s on a cul de sac and has amazing custom finish-out amenities throughout like most Vaquero spreads — huge formals, multiple living areas, master suite with his and her closets and full coffee bar, fabulous kitchen with top of the line gourmet appliances, auxiliary kitchen, wine cellar, game room with microwave and drawer-type dishwasher, full media room, huge sparkling pool. The  loggia comes with a 42-inch flat screen and outdoor kitchen. One of my trusted sources tells me Vaquero is getting quite active these days, I quote: “things seem to have picked up quite a bit in Vaquero with several home and lot sells since the first of the year”. It must have helped that named Vaquero as America’s Most Affluent Neighborhood.

P.S: Last time I was out there, it appeared that the Greenbergs were doing some work on the house, so I did not snap pics. You don’t take a picture of a girl when she’s in the middle of a face-lift!

What are we going to do if we start seeing a New Orleans Saints flag flying high in Westlake? Seems NOLA has given their blessings to the Payton family over their move to Vaquero, which is good because Payton told a reporter last week he’s signed a lease-purchase agreement on Mark Teixeira’s house. Don’t be surprised if we get some more NOLA transplants — Bob Warren at the Times-Picayune just wrote the most comprehensive article I’ve seen yet on the area.

“The town of Westlake appears out of nowhere, a tiny speck on the landscape between the glitz of Dallas and cattle-town history of Fort Worth. Here, the big box stores give way to large, shiny corporate office buildings and the rolling, oak-studded land behind them.

Tucked behind these office buildings, at the junction of Dove and Precinct Line Roads, hides the 525-acre Vaquero community into which New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton will soon move his family. Nestled securely behind a stone wall and guarded entrances, this ultra-exclusive enclave in the middle of tiny Westlake, recently named the most affluent town in the U.S., is for only the most financially accomplished.”

Bob’s staff came out and shot some nice photos of the area for this slide show.

But one of his sources confirmed that in Dallas, the “Old Money” still sits in Highland Park. —

“Highland Park is still where the old money in Dallas is,” Cvitanovic said. “But I think a lot of the new money is in Westlake.”

We don’t know why, but last fall the newlywed Jonas brother, Kevin, and his New Jersey-born wife, Danielle, put their Vaquero home on the market over there at 2000 Rock Dove Court. (Don’t tell us: The house was too close to Mom and Dad and the other Jonas brothers over there on Wisteria Way? Or maybe they just wanted to be in LA? We totally understand, Kev.) The 5,045-square-foot Westlake, Texas mansion was listed for $2.2 million. And here’s proof that our market just isn’t all that bad: a woman named Mary Skipton bought K2’s home on December 21, 2010 for a cool $2 million.

So gloom on about this market, but from what I am seeing, things are starting to pick up.

Originally developed by Discovery Land Company in 2002, Vaquero is a gated community for the über-wealthy and loaded with sports stars like pro golfers Ben Crane, K.J. Choi and Todd Hamilton. Tiger Wood’s former golf instructor, Hank Haney, has a home in Vaquero.
Baseball player Vernon Wells, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, is building a 15,000-plus-square-foot home there, as is the retired CEO of Exxon-Mobil, but on three lots. Vanessa Swarovski, an heiress to the Swarovski crystal family, also has an enormous home in Vaquero. You don’t get behind the manned gates unless you belong, like Texas Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg. Greenberg’s 8,754 square foot manse is small by most Vaquero standards.

Oh and yes, Sean Payton is moving to Vaquero, commuting to New Orleans by private jet.

More North Texas real estate news. The coach of the New Orleans Saints is not leaving the Saints to join the Cowboys, but he is moving his family to Vaquero, in Westlake,  from New Orleans, according to The Times-Picayune. Sean Peyton apparently has bought (or plans to buy) a home and plans to enroll his children in school in their new Texas neighborhood toote suite. According to ESPN, Payton became interested in Vaquero when he lived in nearby Southlake, during his tenure as an assistant coach under Bill Parcells with the Cowboys.

So how’s he going to get to work? Easy. Private jet. Payton estimates that flying on a private plane is 90 minutes door to door from his office at the Saints complex to the family’s new home. He and his wife, Beth, apparently intend to eventually retire in North Texas. This is the deal Payton wanted all along, but the T-P reports that Saints owner
Tom Benson insisted on the entire Payton family living in New Orleans.

Well, all that is changing. Oh and the Payton’s have a second home on the Gulf Coast in Watercolor, Florida, one of my very favorite second home haunts. (See photo of the house.) Moved in Memorial Day, 2009. I can tell you this: Tony Romo will probably not be taking his fiance, Candice Crawford, to this beach bungalow, like he did Jessica Simpson in 2009. The locals say she was clomping all over the Boardwalk in her four-inch stilettos.

Next up: which Vaquero home is he buying. I swear, Vaquero: Home of the Sports Superstars.  Or maybe, TMT: Too Much Testosterone. Forbes listed it as the most affluent neighborhood in the entire country!

This is Adrian Beltre. Third baseman for the Texas Rangers. Born in the Dominican Republic. He is selling this California home, as I mentioned to you earlier in the week, and he and his adorable wife are house-hunting in — where else — Vaquero. (Update: My friend the RealEstalker, a.k.a. Mama,  tells me that Bradbury, where Adrian’s Cali house is on the market for $19 million big ones, is one of the most expensive communities in the country. It is also surrounded by toilet bowls. If you are ever looking out there, take toilet paper.) But here, that agent- to- the- stars, Allie Beth Allman, has been toting the darling couple around town all week. Allie Beth, as you may recall, is the agent who found former President George and Laura Bush their home over on Daria Drive. Here’s one of the glorious homes the Beltres may have been gazing at in Southlake, but I hear they have their hearts set on Vaquero. Tons of inventory out there, like the Jonas Brother’s home. Or this one, one of my all time favorites, because the lines are so clean.

Teixeira must really love him some real estate. Here’s his “second” house in toney Vaquero, Texas about 25 minutes west of Dallas. Word is, it’s on the market when he’s off playing ball, off the market when he’s home. Asking last: $4,550,000 for the 8554 square foot home. Vaquero is where, of course, the Jonas brothers live, where Kevin Jonas is selling his starter home, and where many other movers and shakers are moving these days because it is so very private and chi chi. (The rich are not getting poorer, they are just hiding their wealth more. We are going to be showing you how and where right here on SecondShelters.)

You know Vaquero – Tom Fazio par 71 course, it’s home to Ben Crane, K.J. Choi, Todd Hamilton, and even Tiger Wood’s ex- golf instructor Hank Haney. But oh when it comes to baseball celebs, this place rocks. Vernon Wells, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays is building a 15,000 -plus square foot home right next door to Teixeira’s. (Posting that spread, next.) The CEO of Exxon-Mobile is building what looks like another DFW airport hangar. I’m dying to get inside Vanessa Swarovski, heir to the famous crystal family’s, Vaquero pad. Talk about sparkle!

And of course, this is where Chuck Greenburg decided to make his home sweet Texas home when he bought the Rangers, but we suspect he still has a crash pad in Pittsburgh.