In 2006 Forbes reported that Nantucket had the highest median property value of any Massachusetts zip code. Prices are softer now on this island with the nation’s highest concentration of pre-Civil War structures, which is often loaded with Texans escaping the heat.

A second home buyer wants the sight, sound and scent of the ocean and gets it here, big time. (You get the soul, too, on Nantucket.) Built in 1988, “Point of View” offers  2. 3 acres of clapboard-facade waterfront property, 170 feet of frontage, – with sailing, fishing, bird watching, kayacking and beaching right at your door. Go ahead, invite guests, lots of them: with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and two half-baths, you can handle a crowd. Proximity to hundreds of acres of conservation land enhances the escape-to-nature feel of this extraordinary location. Me, I just want to go sit on that beach… maybe read a book in that living room come nightfall. Why does this house have to cost $9,500,000? Maybe that’s a mis-print?