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The saying goes “work hard, play hard,” and that’s exactly what Dallas-Fort Worth TV legend and lifestyle blogger Jane McGarry does. Of course, North Texas has gorgeous weather 9 months out of the year, but where do you go if you want amazing skiing and outdoor sports?

“We looked around for the spot in the nation that had the most snow every year and it was Big Sky, Montana, so that’s where we built this cabin in the woods,” McGarry told Second Shelters. “Our hope was that our son, Michael, would get to spend some time in the snow.”

But the true advantage of the property was that it’s not only gorgeous in winter, but this sweet vacation home is on the Gallatin River, where that lovely Brad Pitt drama “A River Runs Through It” was filmed, so it’s downright phenomenal in the summer, too. Her cabin is “just down the road from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park,” McGarry added.

Jane McGarry and Dr. Drew at the Yellowstone Club.

Jane McGarry and Dr. Drew at the Yellowstone Club.

“I wanted a ‘vintage cabin’ — something that felt like one of the original ones, but with the modern conveniences of comfortable bathroom and wi-fi,” she said. “We built around two things: the beautiful view looking down the Gallatin River toward Yellowstone, and the wonderful native Montana stone fireplace. The fireplace gets a lot of use all year round in Montana because even in summer the temperature dips into the 20s in the early mornings.”

Find out more about the cozy, charming second home where McGarry escapes the hustle and bustle of life in North Texas after the jump!


Champ D’Or, arguably the most significant piece of real estate on the market in the greater Dallas area, will be sold at auction March 30. It has been on the market for ten years. The auction will be conducted by a New York City-based house, Concierge Auctions, right here in the Lone Star State, AT Champ D’Or. Do not think this will be a circus: only qualified buyers will be allowed in the gates. I pride myself in giving you news before it is news, but the press release is not yet written, though Rubenstein Public Relations  will be handling PR, and the website for Champ is under creation as we speak. So all I can tell you at this point is that you can see the property live on the Concierge site next Thursday. While you are at it, check out the other goodies Concierge has to offer, including one of my favorite of all ski spots, Spanish Peaks at Big Sky Montana. I cried when I heard that Spanish Peaks had filed Chapter 7, but Concierge is auctioning off some of the famed ski resort’s glorious residences. (Stay tune into SecondShelters.com soon for more on that bankruptcy, so sad.)  Oh, Concierge is also auctioning a home at the venerable Yellowstone Club, too.

Get the idea that Concierge Auctions only deals in the highest of the high end properties? Bingo. Here’s what Laura Brady, Vice President of Marketing at Concierge, told me today: Champ’s main estate with 40 acres of land will be auctioned as one package. Another 37 acres with Swisher Road frontage, which is zoned commercial, will be auctioned as a second package, but buyers could, of course, knit the two parcels together for an almost 80 acre spread.  I have long thought Champ would make a terrific mixed-use something or other, maybe a rehab facility for sex addicts (we have a lot of those in Texas, after all) or alcoholics or other erstwhile addictions. Or I have always thought it would make a great plastic surgery center, though my husband tells me it is quite involved to outfit a surgical suite that lives up to accreditation by organizations such as The Joint Commission. It’s a little more involved than a couple bottles of Clorox and booties. Still, if they could build a small operating room with all the patient safety bells and whistles, then use the house as a recuperation center, what a great place to go get a face lift or boob job! You are 30 minutes from Dallas, close but far enough away to hide until bruising subsides. And just think, when you are ready to bowl after a boob job, you are ready to tackle the world!